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The Technology Industry in Wales Offers Excellent Career Prospect

The technology industry in Wales offers excellent career prospects for young people receiving their exam results today.

The tech industry in Wales is thriving, and offers fantastic options for young people who want to become engineers or developers while working in such diverse fields as aritifical intelligence (AI), cyber-security, virtual reality (VR) and many more – take a look for yourself bellow!

There are companies, based right here in Wales who work with some of the most exciting brands in the world, and they need people like you! Welsh technology companies need skilled young people to help them grow and compete. For example, GoCompare, one of the most successful Welsh companies has launched the GoFurther Academy, creating opportunities for young people to achieve their potential and secure a future in the industry. 

There is also our ESTnet Next Generation programme where we offer undergraduates the means to develop the skills industry seeks and launch careers to find sought-after work placement and employment opportunities.

If you don’t yet know what industry you want to work in? That’s fine too. A Welsh tech-startup, miFuture, has created an app that delivers personalised career opportunities. You can download the app for free!

So, if you’ve collected your results this summer, be sure take a look at the career opportunities available to you in Welsh technology, you can take a look at what might lie in store with our ‘day in the life’ videos here, where young engineers, designers and developers tell us what their job involves.  

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