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Kaydiar Medical Reaches New Heights

“It’s really taken flight, a cascade of events that’s been simply amazing”

Capture2David Barton, Managing Director of Kaydiar and winner of the ESTnetNG Tech Prize at the Wales Technology Awards 2018, is pioneer innovating new products for the medical industry.

It’s been a privilege to have followed David’s story for the past year and we are excited to bring news of his latest accomplishments. 

David and his co-founder Heather Smart have secured significant investment and will be working closely with a global PLC partner to accelerate and distribute Kaydiar’s first two products, firstly into the NHS and then across the retail sector.

David specialises in the design of an offloading (anti-pressure) device that prevents and manages pressure-induced skin lesions, with a particular focus on pressure wounds and ulcerations. His initial product is in the form of an insole, medically known as ‘orthoses’, named ZeroSole. With a second disposable device for fast application with a route into the retail market, the device is primarily designed to aid the healing of diabetic foot ulcerations.

Following the PR and promotion that David received from winning the ESTnetNG Tech Prize in June 2018, an editor from the Welsh Government’s quarterly magazine – Advances, got in touch.

Screen Shot David 19 Mag (3)

“Following the exposure from the Welsh Technology Awards, Advances magazine met with me which resulted in a full page article in the 2018 autumn magazine, which coincidently was then picked up by a major medical company who later made contact with us.”

In September 2018, David explained that ‘’A year from now I would like to have my business up and running while also making my first deal with the NHS. If not, then I would like to have started production to infiltrate the commercial market.’’

This ambition is now an exciting reality, as later this year, the first of these devices will be entering the medical sector and will have access to global distribution with all marketing and further R&D in hand.

“It’s really taken flight, our plan is to grow this company with what we have already, get the other products into the product pipeline and watch it grow. Keep innovating and meet the demand”

“By winning the ESTnetNG Tech Prize, not only had I used the money to purchase a new 3D Printer, it really helped me with promoting my company. Which as a result, led to connections which have been fundamental to the progression of Kaydiar”.

With future devices in the pipeline, we expect to see many more innovations from this talented team at Kaydiar. We wish David the best of luck on his journey to London on the 27th of February as a finalist for the Morgan Innovation and Technology Award.