fish bowl

ESTnetNG Fishbowl

Fishbowl: From student to employee, the challenges and highlights of turning a student into an employee!

I'd like to invite you to join our upcoming #Fishbowl in partnership with Cardiff University Schol of Informatics and Computer Science.

A disruptive and organic format, the fishbowl conversation will focus on 'Turning students into full-time employees'!  This is an opportunity for employers to help students understand employer expectation, the challenges ahead and transitioning into a happy, productive and valuable employee. We'll also discussion, explore and seek to understand what makes a good CV, understand the role definitions in the ‘tech’ sector and find out what challenges employers face when recruiting placement students and graduates.  

 The discussion will be followed by a student and employer networking lunch giving you an opportunity to meet the staff and students and the School of Computer Science & Informatics.


The Audience

This event will target 2nd-year students seeking placements, 3rd-year seeking graduate positions & MSc students seeking placement and graduate positions. 

We'll cap the discussion at 60.  Student registration opened Friday afternoon with reaching 40 and number growing

What is a fishbowl?

It's essentially a relaxed, disruptive conversation. Organic, lively, engaging and insightful designed to provide a platform for discussions without barriers between employers and students! An opportunity to speak candidly and paint a real picture to help students/graduates manage expectation vs employer’s needs.

How does it work?

  • At its core, it’s a simple method, an alternative panel with a small group of people who are having a conversation amongst a broader group of participants. It may seem like a panel, but the difference is that the group sits in a circle surrounded by the participants.
  • The layout consists of an inner and outer circle. The session begins with 3- 4 chairs set-up in the inner circle. On this occasion, the inner circle will open with employers occupying four chairs. As the conversations open up employers and students will join/leave the circle. As each new person enters, someone else must leave the circle.
  • Employers & Students gain a unique insight by observing the conversations as it unfolds as opinions come one by one, and share freely.
  • Questions and contributions are welcomed from the outer circle; participants can join the conversation inside the circle if they wish.

What are the rules?

  • There is only one rule! All employers are asked to be open and candid and to share 2 or 3 examples or ‘war stories.’
  • We want a lively discussion and encourage you to intervene at the point in the conversation which engages you, rather than to wait and ask questions later.
  • We need you to be direct, to tell the students what you feel they need to hear
  • The 4-5th chair cannot be occupied for more than 1 minute. Anyone can take the 4-5th chair, join the circle – contribute to the conversation with a question or observation and leave. If the ‘participants’ wishes to stay longer, they must tap someone else out of the circle

Whether you are seeking your next placement or graduate or have already filled your roles, I hope you'll be able to join us to support the students in their quest to understand the job market!