Tech Prize

ESTnetNG Tech Prize

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The ESTnetNG Tech Prize aims to help young people who have shown outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and interest in the technology field to fulfill their talent and ambition.

The award is open to individuals aged 16-24 who live, study or work in Wales and have a passion for technology.

The ESTnetNG Tech Prize is an award of £2,000 that could be used to:

  • Bring to life an idea you have for new technology product.
  • Contribute to the cost of an event or course that will enable you to pursue and enhance your learning.
  • Help to grow a tech-related business that you have already started.

The winner will be awarded with their Prize at the Wales Technology Awards, taking place on Thursday 20 June in Cardiff City Hall.

How to Enter

Upload your video or written application of no more than 1000 words to tell us why you deserve to win the ESTnetNG Tech Prize.


Your entry should include:

  1. ​What is your idea and how will it be used?
  2. How does your idea stand out from the crowd? Is its purpose clear?
  3. How well have you used your science and technology skills to put the idea together? Is it doable?
  4. The prize could be awarded for an idea or a business, but it could also be for an experience that could really help you achieve your dreams in tech? How would this course/trip help you achieve your ultimate technology goal or career?
  5. If you won, how will the prize-money be used?

If you win

  • We would like you to keep us updated with some regular blog posts that we can include on the ESTnetNG website.
  • We would like you to return to the Wales Technology Awards in 2020 to tell us about how the ESTnet Tech Prize has helped you and present the prize to next year's winner.

Entry Guidelines

  • You must submit your entry on or before 2 May 2019.
  • You must be between 16 and 24 and living, studying or working in Wales on the 2 May 2019 (last day to enter).