Nurture Talent

KSR International Next Generation

KSR International, Swansea are developing more than their product range. In the last couple of years, they have developed significant links with local educational establishments to develop their talents.

Industrial leaders KSR, are experts in designing, engineering and manufacturing. Their impressive product portfolio includes an increasingly wide variety of high performance electronic automotive sensors, power modules and ECU’s, for their use in applications such as suspension systems, transmissions, throttle bodies and steering systems. KSR has exceptional manufacturing, R&D and sales facilities in eight worldwide locations including Canada, Asia, North America and the UK.  

KSR NG1 (3)

It’s an exciting time for the company as KSR, Swansea have been building several links with further education establishments in Wales to develop the talent pool of young people in the industry. Over the last two years KSR Electronic Systems, have been offering students Term Time Volunteering Opportunities, Work Placements & Experience, Internships, as well as sponsoring EESW Projects and Supporting World Skills with Gower College, Swansea. 

Lisa Goodwin, HR Manager for KSR says ‘’KSR’s Educational Links programme is really starting to show some results!  This summer we’ve been pleased to welcome our first full time recruits; James Thomas a Graduate in Automotive Motorsport Engineering (who previously had taken part in Volunteering and a Summer Internship) and Angelo Amoruso, a MEng Graduate of Engineering both from UWTSD, Swansea.  Jordan Thomas has also joined us full time in Manufacturing following his Engineering studies with Gower College, Swansea and his participation in the KSR Sponsored EESW project.’’

KSR also links their own team members to the local colleges through their apprenticeships and further education sponsorship as part of their overall Learning and Development strategy.

Elogio Hernandez is one of three employees who are now on their BTEC Electrical Engineering apprenticeship programme. The program is in partnership with Coleg Sir Gar and aimed at training KSR’s next generation of technicians. Coleg Sir Gar also provides an Electrical/Electronics NVQ for KSR’s Technical operator programme.

The Student experience placements with KSR are also proving popular and successful with Cardiff Law student Emily Williams, who is working with their Supply Chain Department, and Megan Stolzenberg a Student of Arch Bishop McGrath School, Bridgend who’s been gaining experience working with HR & Engineering Departments.

KSR have built a bridging network of effective relationships with Welsh Universities and colleges to provide young people with the unique skills to guide them as they strive towards a future career with KSR in Wales. KSR will continue to innovate and grow as a company in Swansea, with the help of these talented young people.